Let me get this straight, the argument was never about whether we were doing ‘okay’ in Tier 2 but that we weren’t being offered enough money to step up into Tier 3.

Unless I am completely ignorant and have missed the point here as soon as more money was offered we leapt into Tier 3 like some kid who finally got the birthday present he wanted after rolling around on the floor for 20 minutes.

Or, it was a matter of here take this money or take none and we will put you in Tier 3 anyway.

Apparently only £12m was on the table but we wanted £58.2m. In the end we secured £42m financial support for businesses, the care sector and schools. Well, a good deal all round then.

A part of me wants to think that we were still being guided by the science but then I realise that maybe it probably wasn’t about that at all.

What happened to the facts, the figures, the graphs and the constant bashing of Lancashire’s inner city wards as being the most infected parts of the UK for the best part of three months? I guess we earned that Tier 3 if nothing else.

I can imagine the rest of the country will be joining us in Tier 3 soon. For the moment some of the more affluent areas of the UK with higher rates of infection remain in Tier 2. Why?

Because for the moment they see the benefits of their local economy of staying on that lower threat level. The people of Lancashire have been in some level of lockdown for the past seven months. We never actually came out of it.

The new alert level means pubs will close and there are now bans on household mixing indoors, in private gardens and most outdoor venues. Which is bad news for those small businesses who tried their best to open up with restrictions.

On the plus side, the gyms are staying open and you can play ‘organised sport’ with as many people from different parts of the county as you want. It is just small 5-a-side footy with your mates which is banned as this is clearly far more dangerous.

Now, I hear some readers will be almost relieved that we have gone into the higher ‘threat’ level.

Because clearly, a whole load of folk were simply not getting the message whilst we were in Tier 2. I would disagree. We got the message loud and clear it is just people had become a little fatigued with messages that made little sense.

And maybe they would have forced us Lancashire folk into Tier 3 anyway.

The simple fact is Tier 1, 2 or 3 the very same rules apply as they did back in April. Wash your hands, keep your distance, stay home if you are not feeling well and don’t go to Wales. Stay safe everyone.