Bakeware supplier What More UK have proved themselves to be a lockdown success story with a large increase in sales of the company’s products.

Not only have sales surged during the height of lockdown but the company has noticed that the public has continued to purchase more and more kitchenware and bakeware products even now that some restrictions have lifted.

Director Tony Grimshaw OBE said: “We knew that more and more people are interested in home cooking, but the lockdown restrictions have accelerated the trend.

“Back in April the focus was on the bakeware, but now we’re seeing a wider interest covering our entire range of bakeware and kitchenware products.”

Speculating on why baking has seen such a surge in popularity Mr Grimshaw says he believes that it is the kind of activity that can bring families together.

He said: “Home baking is something you can do with your family.

“It’s a shared activity and that’s important during these times of social distancing, isolation, and loneliness. Homemade food brings people together, it makes families closer.

“Perhaps we’ll see a return to the traditional family values of sitting round the dinner table with a home cooked meal.”

Research carried out by Britainlovesbaking.commeanwhile, has discovered that Padiham’s What More UK is not the only bakeware company to have experienced a rise in demand.

The study shows that that 71% of people in the UK are now baking more than once a week compared with just 31% before lockdown.

While in July, trade journal The Grocer reported a 49% increase across the board in sales in the home baking category, with some individual figures far higher.

Flour in particular was up by 113.2% from the previous year.

Now with the festive season looming and the threats of new lockdown restrictions ever present, Mr Grimshaw believes the public may well continue to stock up the equipment needed for cooking and baking.

He said: “A bit of home cooked food is just what the country needs to stay healthy over the winter months.”

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