A BUTCHER said that his Christmas club is thriving as customers joined to plan ahead during uncertain times.

Paul Bank and his partner Julie Brown run Around The Block butchers in Mill Hill.

The couple said that their customers have been planning ahead more than ever, especially since lockdown.

The butchers is based in the former TSB bank building and has been up and running for 18 months.

Paul said: “The business has been doing well since we first opened.

“We have noticed people’s shopping habits changed during lockdown and a lot of people have been planning ahead.

“Our Christmas club has been popular and I suppose that’s because people don’t know what to expect as we go forward.”

Paul, 48, said he has always been a butcher and worked on Blackburn Market as a lad for the late Frank Knowles who taught him a lot.

The business owner worked for Morrisons for 25 years.

He said: “People will always need a butcher, we sell other items now such as milk, fruit and veg. Our locally sourced meats are trusted and we sell more sausages and burgers than anything else.”

Around The Block butchers is based in Mill Hill sells a range of meats from mince, chicken, kebabs, and more.

Paul added: “We offer excellent standards of meat that is all ADHB approved and our prices are competitive.

“The business is still in its early days and we are still trying to establish ourselves in a small community.

“The support of our customers has been fantastic so that’s always been our strong point.”

Recent restrictions made it hard for the business to but since the social distancing measures have been introduced and people are back out shopping the butchers is ‘doing well’.

Paul said: “We are following all of the restrictions such as no mask, no entry. People are getting used to the way they have to shop and so are the owners.

“Orders are made from our regulars and we are looking forward to launching more delicious products once we can. Turkeys are next on the stock list to promote, just in time for Christmas.”

The store is open Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9 - 4 and Sat 10 - 4.

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