A FOOTWEAR footwear company has turned its hand to a new clothing range.

LANX was launched in 2018, focusing on shoes, some of which were designed in partnership with Burnley FC, but did include a small collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts.

The Whalley firm says its quickly found increasing demand for clothing, while the unusual situation presented by the pandemic gave the company time to trial some new ideas.

Owner Marco Vaghetti said: “The early part of lockdown gave us some time to bash some ideas around and clothing popped up again.

“Fast forward a few months and we are chuffed to confirm we have a new range of T-shirts and sweatshirts, all made in England and printed by the team at Stitch It in Whalley, the same Lancashire village we are located in.”

Stitch It is a garment and embroidery firm that specialises in unisex clothing and workwear, which has now found an ideal partner in LANX thanks to the new venture.

The company says that, though they have largely used men for modelling purposes, their clothes are intended to be unisex and can be worn whether at work or socialising.

Mr Vaghetti said: “Women may find them a tad baggy, however that may suit some ladies’ style.

“It is worth noting that we have only manufactured a very limited number in each style and we don’t plan to restock these again in 2020.”

The company says the name LANX reflects the company’s origins in the region and will let the wearer show their pride in the county.

Mr Vaghetti joked: “Word of warning, wearing a piece of clothing that states “LANX” on it may not be the best idea when visiting Yorkshire!

“LANX is not held responsible for any lost limbs or loss of life when wearing our garments in Yorkshire!”