BLACKBURN based engineering firm Assystem has announced a new recruitment drive with a focus on bright, innovative young people who want to help the firm transition to a low carbon future.

This comes after a recent YouGov poll commissioned by the company found that 79% of 18 to 24-years believe it is important that the UK moves towards a net-zero emissions nation.

Reducing carbon emissions is key to slowing the pace of global warming and as the generation that will live through the effects of climate change it is natural that this age group would be the most concerned.

Assystem UK business development developer Simon Barber said: “We are delighted to hear that this age group really cares about fighting for a low carbon economy in the UK.

“Today we have launched a recruitment campaign to find enthusiastic, motivated engineers and STEM graduates to join our company and benefit from having access to most exciting projects that will sit right at the heart of the nation’s low carbon economy.”

Nuclear power does not produce carbon dioxide emissions directly, however concerns remain about its capacity to produce nuclear waste, which can remain radioactive for a varying length of time, and the fact that uranium remains a finite, non-renewable energy source and that mining and refining the substance remains a difficult process.

Meanwhile, despite the focus on the very youngest group, Assystem’s poll also found that 74% of both millennials (people aged 22 and 38) and baby boomers (aged between 56 and 74) also believed reducing carbon emissions to be important.

However, those in and just finishing education are best placed to play their part in Assystem’s plans, with the company seeking candidates for roles in project management, nuclear safety, mechanical engineering, systems engineering and safety engineering in the North West, South West, North East and Midlands regions.

Mr Barber believes recruiting young people into the nuclear industry could be the best way to help them realise their career ambitions and work to reduce climate change simultaneously.

He said: “Nuclear power is the second largest source of low carbon energy in the world and in the UK, nuclear projects such as Hinkley Point C, Sizewell C and Small Modular Reactors will mean thousands of employment opportunities in low carbon technology development.

“Put frankly, if you’re interested in science, technology, engineering and maths, and you care about Net Zero, then nuclear is the career for you.”

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