HAVE you ever wondered where the most haunted places in East Lancashire are?

We already know that the region is home to a lot of haunted pubs and hotels- but these aren’t the only places said to be haunted.

Ghostly apparitions and ghoulish encounters could have happened on a street near you.

We have created an interactive map documenting every spooky sighting and ghostly apparition that is said to have taken place in East Lancashire.

Information sourced from Paranormal Database.

On the map are haunted locations such as Blackburn’s King George’s Hall. A man is believed to have died in the organ room at this hall- and many people think his ghost now haunted the hallways.

Bacup’s Royal Court Theatre is also on the map- and this is a venue investigated by the Most Haunted team (TV show).

The team captured something that ‘sound’s like a child’s laugh’ on camera.

Staff and members of the public also reported having paranormal experiences.

They said objects were thrown at them and they claim to see strange sightings, even when the theatre is empty.

Also on the list is the legend of Peg O’Nell who is reported to drown people in the Ribble River if animals aren’t sacrificed to her.

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