A Blackburn family involved in a car crash on route to watch the Blackpool lights said they were lucky no-one was injured.

Aamir Shazad also urged parents to check that their children are wearing seat belts every time they travel.

The incident happened on Sunday evening (October 11) after Aamir was driving past Blackpool airfield heading towards the promenade. In the Mercedes with Aamir was his wife and two children aged eight and twelve.

As the traffic slowed a Seat Ibiza drove into the back of their vehicle and then hit two more cars.

Aamir Shazad who runs Bespoke Photography said, “We were visiting Blackpool to see the lights and the traffic was moving slowly.

“All of a sudden a driver came from behind us and hit our car and then went on to hit several other cars.

“I don’t think he was able to control the car and as he was driving too fast.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Aamir said he was glad his children were wearing their seat belts in the back.

“Thanks god we escaped any bad injuries. The kids always wear their seatbelts and I would urge parents to check they are as you never know what might happen.

“The Police, Ambulance and Fire service were on the scene very quickly.

“The children were very scared and did not wish to go hospital or even get into a vehicle. My wife works at Blackburn hospital and the kids just wanted to come back home.

“We eventually got a taxi to get home.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Police said nobody was arrested and the driver of the Seat was reported for driving without due care and attention.