Work on the next stage of a major scheme of improvements to a town centre has been temporarily stopped after a member of the workforce tested positive for coronavirus.

The work along Church Street in Padiham which began on September 7, had to be halted on Friday following the news, with Lancashire County Council calling a meeting for Monday to discuss how to press ahead with the situation.

LCC and Burnley Council Cllr Alan Hosker posted on social media on Friday afternoon stating: "The work on-going in Padiham has stopped due to one of the workforce testing positive for coronavirus.

"LCC have called a meeting for Monday and I will update you all after this."

The work involves widening pavements with new high quality paving materials and street furniture; a reduced speed limit of 20mph; traffic calming measures; improvements to the 'pocket park' on 'the Hill' with a raised-table pedestrian crossing, surface treatment and public art; and new town hall 'plaza' with zebra crossing; roundabout enhancements and improved bus stops.

Part of the £10million North-West Burnley Growth Corridor scheme, the works also include new flood defences for the town centre along the River Calder and Green Brook, and nearly 200 new homes on the former Baxi site.