PLANS for a new all-weather riding arena at a stables on the outskirts of an East Lancashire town have upset neighbours.

Amanda Berry wants to replace her current exercise paddock at Lower Howarth Fold Stables in Howarth Road, Burnley, with a new one less at risk from the extremes of the weather.

But two nearby residents have objected to the scheme for the use of two competition showjumping horses and a pony.

It will be debated by councillors on Burnley borough’s development control committee tonight.

A supporting statement to the planning application says: “The proposed construction of an all-weather riding facility is urgently needed to remain operational and to benefit both horse and rider.

"The effects of climate change over recent years has had an impact on ground conditions and as a result the ground is wetter on average seven months of the year. The weather extremes can mean the ground is too soft or too hard, with a risk of injury to the horses.”

A report to the committee from officials says: “Two objections have been received."

One neighbour objects, stating: "We oppose the planned position of the arena – our property is located directly across the track and will be at the lowest point of the topography and we are concerned that an arena in that location will have a catastrophic impact on the already overloaded drainage system. We are frequently flooded when there is heavy rain, as are other neighbours."

Another neighbour objects to the potential surface water drainage resulting from the proposed development.

The officers recommend approval of the scheme.