ROSSENDALE Police took six vehicles off the road yesterday (October 5) after starting a new 'In The Know' operation.

Rossendale officers seized three motorbikes, two quad bikes and a van along with Greater Manchester Police as the forces are targetting illegal off road bikes and vehicles in Whitworth and Edenfield.

The 'In The Know' operation is asking for updates from the public about what concerns they have about the area to allow police to target these.

On social media a spokeperson said: "On Sunday (yesterday) we ran an operation with our colleagues at Greater Manchester Police to target illegal off road bikes and vehicles on the open land between Whitworth and Edenfield.

"As part of this we put out a message to local residents using 'In The Know' and they could then pass us information about where the bikes were and also vehicles they had been transported in.

"In all we seized three motorbikes, two quads and a van.

"We will be running further operations using In The Know to ask for updates and help you to help us so if you haven't registered please do so on the link below.

"Please make sure you fill in the survey around what's concerning you as we will use this to influence what we are going to target in future."