PENDLE Hill will be the centre point for the third series of the TV show 'The Haunted Hunts'.

The infamous story of the Pendle Witches has lead paranormal hunters to the area for years, but now a team has filmed at Pendle Hill for a new series on Prime video.

Daniel Moss, lead investigator of 'The Haunted Hunts' said: "The reason we chose Pendle Hill was because I have personally had a bit of an obsession with the place since I was fifteen years old.

"The fact that there are thousands and thousands of eye witness accounts suggesting that the area is still haunted by the spirits since 1612 has always fascinated me really."

"We just felt that with it being one of the most famously haunted locations in Britain it needed to be done really in the correct way."

The area is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the Pendle Witches who were tried in 1612 for the murders of ten people by the use of witchcraft.

The Pendle witch story is one of the most famous and well documented set of witch trials by the clerk to the court, Thomas Potts.

Of the twelve accused of witchcraft, ten were executed by hanging for their crimes whilst one was found not guilty and another died in prison.

"We spent one week in Pendle Hill and each day we were set with the task of investigating a brand new location in the area," Daniel continued.

"We covered the likes of Newchurch, Barley, places like that that are the real hotspots that tie in with the Pendle witch story."

The area has been the site of thousands of witness accounts and Daniel and his team wanted to see what they could find from their investigations.

The team took specialist scientific equipment which can detect electromagnetic energy and static changes in atmosphere biometric pressure, both of which are believed to show if a spirit is present.

He said: "We believe we have found extremely strong evidence of the paranormal existing around the areas that surround Pendle Hill.

"In one location we believe we have caught our best ever piece of evidence we have ever had and we believe we have captured a full bodied apparition walking through a hall way on a locked off camera.

The group were given the opportunity to film in-between the loosening of the national lockdown and the localised restrictions and spent a week in July by Pendle Hill, working with local ghost tour guide Simon Entwistle.

The Haunted Hunts is in the third series following from series one Behind the Shadows which was based on the most haunted buildings in Britain and series two Civitas Spirituum which was filmed in Chester which is supposed to be the most haunted city in the country.

The full series will be available to watch on Amazon Prime on October 20th.