A HOMELESS man who was offered a bed for the night repaid his host’s generosity by breaking into his motorhome and stealing from it.

Blackburn magistrates heard that, on the same night, Gary Davenport damaged a chain securing the gates to an Accrington firm and interfered with a parked vehicle.

Davenport, 37, of Bridge View Gardens, Darwen, pleaded guilty to causing £1,500 worth of damage to a motorhome door, damaging a security chain belonging to Metal Craft Plastic Coatings, theft of a £150 remote-control car and vehicle interference.

He was given a conditional discharge for 24 months after the court was told he had subsequently been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for a burglary offence in South Wales.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Davenport had been told he could sleep in the motorhome but the owner ended up staying at a friend’s house.

“When the defendant got to the motorhome it was locked and he damaged the door gaining entry,” said Mr Robinson.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said at the time of the offence in November Davenport was homeless and going through a bad patch.

“He was struggling and was in drink on the night of these offences,” said Mr Taylor.

He said that, shortly afterwards, Davenport left the Blackburn area following the breakdown of a relationship and went to South Wales where he fell in with the wrong crowd.