TWO friends have launched an organic candle business to help reduce toxins in the air while making your home smell great.

Leah Rugg and Nicola Parkinson set up Organic Christmas Candles.

The pair have produced 1,000 candles in time for Christmas to sell via their Instagram page.

Leah initially set up the business last year and said that she was inundated with orders for the cinnamon and orange candles and the mince pie scents.

The mum-of-one from Accrington said: “I have always been a massive fan of scented candles and home scents.

“One day I picked up a cheap candle from the cheap shops and took it home to burn it.

“I noticed that the flickering was crazy and the smoke was dark. I couldn’t even smell a hint of cinnamon - the flavour that it was meant to be.”

This inspired Leah to make her own candles with organic wax and scents that are non-toxic and animal friendly.

She said: “I looked online and taught myself to make the candles via You Tube.

“I ordered the ingredients and the tools and then started passing them on to my family and friends.

“My friend Nicola loved the idea and started selling them in her nail shop last Christmas and they went down an absolute storm. I couldn’t keep up.”

Over the past few months the pair have been stocking up and making the scented candles from home.

Leah added: “We have had some time during lockdown to get cracking and make some more sents for Christmas 2020.

“We have gingerbread, mince pies, cinnamon and orange and cosy fire and fig scents.”

Since Christmas is only three months away, Leah said that orders have already been made and candles have been posted as far as Nottingham.

She said: “It’s crazy how many people are actually into home scents that are good for you. There’s far too many chemicals in the things that we burn and people should take that into consideration.”

To order a candle visit the christmascandlecompany on Instagram or call 07368508470.

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