A DRUNK man covered in blood was arrested after he was found to have a kitchen knife hidden down his trousers.

Garry Morris was convicted of having a blade in a public place after he stuffed the knife down his trousers when he became involved in an altercation.

Preston Crown Court heard how the 31-year-old, who had lost his job the day before the incident, had drank 10 cans of beer before getting into trouble with others and assaulted. 

He then went home to collect the blade before leaving to go back to confront those who he had been fighting with.

The police were alerted to a public order incident on Parliament Street in Burnley on June 19 when two officers spotted Morris appearingly 'covered in blood'. As a result of seeing him in that state, they arrested him, later finding an 8-inch blade in his pants.

He admitted being in possession of a knife when later questioned at the police station.

The court heard how Morris had not been in front of a court since he was a teenager and was a hard worker, always holding down a job before he had been let go the day before the incident.

Defending, Bob Elias said his client was adamant he would get his drinking issues under control, urging Judge Richard Gioserano to not impose an immediate custodial sentence.

Ordering Morris to complete a community order with an unpaid work requirement, Judge Gisoerano said: “There was a risk of disorder, I question if it falls into serious disorder. It is not said that you were set to seek him out to stab him.

“You know it is not a reasonable excuse to go and get a knife to continue a confrontation even if you had been a victim earlier. There is always a risk that things could turn nasty and someone could end up stabbed.

“You had lost the job you’d had for five years the day before and you had been drinking. Those two things combined I think played their part.

“You are otherwise effectively of good character, hardworking and law abiding.”

The 18-month community order also has 30 rehabilitation requirement days attached to it.