WEDDING singer Arthur Geldard may have been forced to postpone his own wedding, but not before a 'memorable' stag do.

He headed to Poland with his dad and friends on March 13 to celebrate, ahead of the April 26 wedding.

After flying to Krakow, they found themselves stuck when their returning flights were cancelled and border restrictions applied due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The group needed to leave Poland a day after arriving but had missed the last flight and had drive a rental car to Germany. From there, they took flights to Brussels and then Manchester.

Mr Geldard said: “It was not how I was expecting my stag do to go, but it is definitely memorable.

“We had one beer at a bar in Krakow, then one of us checked our emails and we all got a text saying our flights were cancelled."

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The journey from Poland to Germany saw the group of eight play eye spy, listen to an entire audio book and laugh at their misfortune.

The jazz singer said: “We drove to the edge of Poland, but then a taxi would not take us into Germany, so we had to walk an hour and a half to catch a taxi in Berlin to get us to the train station, then to the airport.

“We also picked up a random Russian guy along the way and he thought we were taking him to Berlin, but my dad became good friends with him, even though they didn’t understand each other.”

Most of the men were also hungover form the previous night of drinking, making the journey even harder.

The couple rescheduled their wedding from April 26 to November 14, but after the new restrictions, decided to cancel any plans for a wedding for the time being.

“We had 80 guests, then 30 and now its 15, but we had a look at the guest list and it’s impossible to get the people you want there.

“You can’t even get to the registry office, so it looks like it’s not happening anytime soon.

“We were expecting that when restrictions were lifted, we would be able to have our wedding, but things got worse.”

Mr Geldard and his fiancée, Holly, whose hen-do was virtual, are sad to be missing out on what could have been the most special day of their lives.

The couple are instead enjoying spending time with their 9-month-old daughter Opal.