FENCING has been put up in a bid to deter youths from tombstoning off a rock into water in Oswaldtwistle.

In June, the Lancashire Telegraph reported the issue of young people jumping into the water at Kemp Delph in Stanhill from height, when temperatures soared.

Concerns were raised about the easy access to the disused quarry after the metal fencing was knocked down and moved.

But workers from Lancashire County Council and Hyndburn Council are believed to have worked together to put up the new fencing.

Cllr Glen Harrison, who represents the St Oswalds ward, said: “There have been officers from Hyndburn Council working on this to push this forward.

“It is fantastic news to be honest that they are putting the fencing up as it was a concern for the community. All sorts of people have been doing it for years, trying to jump in the water.

“There has been a community clean-up to drain the water and I know that a car was found there which is dangerous. If people are jumping in and it is shallow, they can get hurt.

“A lot of young people were doing it during lockdown earlier this year so it is great to see the council taking some initiative. It is positive news for the area. With the fencing, it will make it harder for youths to do it.”

Cllr Harrison added that he hoped the community would take part in another clean-up operation.

Tony Grogan, from Oswaldtwistle, who raised the issue in June, said: “It is great to see the concerns are being listened to. Hyndburn Council being so responsive to our views is great.

“Hopefully it will make the area much safer for our children to do the right think and not actually jump. It is great to have some positive news in the current climate where things are so tough and the council working to make things safer is great.”