Rotarians from Church and Oswaldtwistle, together with some friends, spent three days litter picking around Oswaldtwistle recently.

Stonebridge Lane and Melbourne Street, together with Tinker Brook, Harvey St and the West End playground were some of the areas covered. The members collected a total of 51 bags of rubbish and other items which included a bike, a scooter, wire fencing, a tree stump and a cricket bat.

President Cath Heap said: “Because of the lockdown restrictions, we are tending to concentrate on our community programme. Whilst adhering to the guidelines, we had to come up with something that would benefit our surroundings. So, we decide to do a litter pick.

"Whilst out picking up the rubbish, we were approached by some people who urged us to try and convey the message about disposing of their rubbish correctly.

"Many thanks go to Hyndburn Council for the loan of some equipment, and the prompt collection of the bags, and thanks to the Friends of Rotary who turned up to help.”