PENDLE Council has backed a radical strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change.

On Thursday it voted to support the Citizens' Assembly summary report 'The Path to Net Zero'

The strategy includes a frequent flyer tax, phasing out SUVs restricting cars in city centres and curbing road building.

Proposed by Coates ward Liberal Democrat Jayne Mills it says: “This council welcomes the publication of the Citizens' Assembly Summary Report 'The Path to Net Zero' published on September 10 2020 and in principle broadly supports the recommendations to government contained therein.

"We also recognise that everyone from the private individual, through voluntary, commercial and industrial organisations and all levels of

governance, from local councils to central government, have a role to play, if the recommendations are to be achieved.

"Council notes the work of the Climate Emergency Working Group in Pendle and the initiatives being taken by the group in spite of the difficulties caused by the current epidemic.

"We callsupon the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, to expedite legislation and funding in order to implement the changes required.

"We call upon Central Government, without delay, to provide the necessary leadership and guidance to achieve the stated objective of net zero emissions by 2050 or earlier, if at all possible."