NIGHTSAFE ambassador Harry Lee has been sleeping in his bathtub to raise cash for the homeless in East Lancashire.

On the 30th of each months volunteers have made their bathrooms, living rooms and garden tents their bedrooms to celebrate the Blackburn charity's 30th anniversary.

The money raised goes towards keeping young people off the streets at night.

With World Homeless Week starting on Monday October 5, Nightsafes' chief executive Jan Larkin said: “Tragically, Lancashire has a growing issue when it comes to young people who are homeless. Every day we come across dozens of youngsters aged 16 to 25 who are sofa surfing at their friends’ houses, or even living on the streets.

“When you think about government guidance to stay home and save lives – these homeless young people have nowhere to call home. They don’t have the option to wash their hands for 20 seconds.

“Covid-19 has hit our charity hard. We have £100,000 in funding to find this financial year to ensure we can continue to put a roof over the heads of those most in need, and food in the bellies of those living on the streets.”

Nightsafe ambassador Harry said: “It’s nice to be part of something important. It makes me feel good to know that I can play a part in helping people."