A MAN on a rooftop brought part of a town centre to a standstill today.

Police were called at 11am to a man who had climbed up some scaffolding onto the roof of The Chippery on Mincing Lane in Blackburn.

A crowd gathered as the man threw slates onto the floor, causing police to cordon off several roads including Mincing Lane, King Street, Barton Street and Corporation Street.

Police spent several hours trying to persuade the man to come down.

Emma Wilson, who was with her toddler son at the time, said: “When I got out the taxi he was throwing things off the roof as there was people and children about. I was disgusted and upset that children had to see this, luckily my son isn’t old enough to understand.

“I am just happy no-one was hurt as of yet but worried it’s not over with yet.

“There was a big crowd down there s until the police and security from the mall moved people back and everyone spread out.”

The man was seen moving between the roof of the Chippery and the roof of the former Campbells Amusements.

Staff at The Chippery and nearby hair salon Heiress were not allowed to leave and were told to stay indoors along with customers who were inside at the time.

A staff member from The Chippery said: “I think he has gone up the scaffolding. We have been forced to stay inside and are not allowed out yet.

Two fire engines arrived into the afternoon with police attempting to talk the man down, however he stayed on the roof for several hours, and appeared to be on the phone at times.

An ambulance was also on standby.

Farmfoods was also closed for a short while as police cordoned off the area around it.

Another shopper said: “I hope he is okay and gets the help he needs.”