FOUR police officers who detained a violent domestic abuser despite having ammonia thrown in their faces have been nominated for The National Police Bravery Awards.

PCs Stuart Garnett, Joshua Hegarty, Lee Richards and Sgt Andrew Gore, who received severe injuries in the attack, will join courageous colleagues from across England and Wales at the Awards in London.

The quartet responded to a call in the early hours of April 16, 2019 at Ash Grove, Darwen, from a woman who said a man, Paul Elliot, was trying to kill her.

The woman said she had been the victim of a domestic abuse assault in which the offender had held a knife to her throat and had threatened to slit it.

Elliot was suspected to be still inside the property and to still be in possession of the knife.

PC Garnett led a search downstairs with another officer while Sgt Gore and PC Richards took another team upstairs.

Elliot suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs and threw ammonia at the officers. Sgt Gore took the full brunt of the assault to his face with PC Richards and the team also getting splashed.

The burning and overpowering odour forced the officers to retreat down the stairs. The attack had left Sgt Gore with severe injuries while by now the others were having trouble breathing and were in pain, meaning they had to leave the building.

The officers bravely went back into the property after a short respite.

Elliot then suddenly burst out of a first-floor window in a desperate bid to avoid capture. But, PCs Hegarty and Richards set off in pursuit, before they wrestled him to the ground and made the arrest.

The officers later received treatment at hospital with Sgt Gore being left with serious long-term damage to his eye.

Elliott, 46, was jailed for 14 years and six months.

Lancashire Police Federation Chair Rachel Hanley said: “They are all heroes. The officers remained professional, calm and determined despite the abhorrent nature of this attack.

“Sgt Gore, PCs Garrett, Hegarty and Richards showed immense bravery while dealing with an extremely dangerous individual.”