POLICE have revealed 105 knives and sharp objects were thrown into their knife bin in the last six months.

105 unwanted knives and other sharp objects have been disposed of safely in the knife bin outside Darwen Police Station.

A spokesman for the police said: "Now I'm not claiming 105 people have been walking about 'tooled up' and have seen the light, Darwen is a much nicer and safer town than that.

"Knives and sharp objects are present in everyone's home and are easily picked up by children and young people.

"Providing a safe facility for dealing with unwanted knives is just one of many ways we can come together with communities to keep knives off our streets and protect young people.

"Anyone who has a knife or bladed weapon can dispose of it in the knife bin where it will be taken away and destroyed.

"We want to keep knives off the streets and keep our young people safe and providing a way for people to dispose of bladed items helps us to do that."