Motorists were forced to endure long tailbacks at rush hour on a busy road in Blackburn where it appears no road works were taking place.

Temporary traffic lights were in place on Buncer Lane in Blackburn causing major traffic disruption in the mornings.

Drivers were left fuming after on closer inspection no work is being carried out on the road itself nor the pavement. United Utilities say a customer was having a lead pipe changed and the traffic management was in place so ‘workman could work safely’.

Work is close to being completed and the temporary traffic lights will be removed tonight and will not be in place during rush hour.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A spokesperson for United Utilities said: “A customer on Buncer Lane in Blackburn has installed new lead-free pipes in their home and, as part of our lead pipe replacement scheme, our engineers have been connecting these new pipes to our water main in the road.

“The work took one day to complete and another day to reinstate the road afterwards. We’ve had traffic management in place to make sure our engineers could work safely in the road. We apologise if this has caused traffic congestion in the area.

"We’re removing the temporary traffic lights this evening and plan to complete our road reinstatement work tomorrow outside of school hours to avoid causing any further disruption.”