A COUNCIL is set to urge the government to intervene to stop the loss of 350 jobs at one of East Lancashire’s flagship aerospace factories.

Last month Rolls-Royce announced the redundancies at its Bankfield and Ghyll Brow factories in Barnoldswick.

The firm revealed it is planning to transfer the manufacture of of wide-chord fan blades to Singapore provoking fears for the move’s impact on the aerospace supply chain across East Lancashire.

The cutback, on top of 220 redundancies announced in June, could leave the site which employed 740 in January, with just 170 workers.

Tonight Pendle Council will debate a motion from Coates ward Liberal Democrat Cllr Tom Whipp urging the government to act to prevent multi-national companies moving key industries overseas.

It says: “We note with dismay the announcement by Rolls-Royce that the manufacture of the crown jewels of the company, wide-chord fan blades, is to be off-shored to Singapore,with the loss of hundreds of skilled jobs and the knock-on consequences for the supply chain. We therefore resolve that the government is requested to urgently enact legislation prohibiting the off-shoring of critically-important strategic manufacturing processes.”

Pendle MP and transport minister Andrew Stephenson said: “Thanks to Brexit the government can introduce new rules which protect British jobs. I will continue to do all I can to protect local jobs and am meeting again this week with the Business Secretary to discuss the situation at Rolls Royce.”

A Rolls-Royce spokeswoman said: “While our proposals for Barnoldswick involve no longer manufacturing wide chord fan blades for some of our Trent engines, important elements will remain, including a technical hub which will develop and launch new fan blade technology.”

Cllr Mohammed Iqbal, Labour leader of Pendle Council said: “We will support this motion. It is time the government pulled its finger out and did something.”