IN 1968, state-of-the-art health care arrived in Blackburn in the form of the Larkhill Health Centre.

The sleek, architect-designed building, certainly stood out and it represented a major step forward in how patients were being cared for in their own communities.

As you can see from the main picture, the health centre was close to the Larkhill flats development which brought high-rise living to the town and the population in the area required improved health provisions.

Larkhill was one of a new generation of health centres where patients could so more than just consult their GP.

A range of services were provided on-site ranging from podiatry to special clinics for mums-to-be.

The centre also had its own integrated chemist’s so that prescriptions could be picked up while you waited.

The health centre served the area until 2011 when a new £21million health centre opened on Barbara Castle Way rendering it obsolete.

But for several generations of Blackburn families, Larkhill would be the place they would go for all their bumps. scrapes and ailments.