A CALL has been been made to reduce the speed limit at an accident hotspot in Hyndburn.

At Hyndburn Council’s full meeting on Thursday night, councillors backed a motion by Councillor Jeff Scales to ask highways chiefs to take action on Harwood Road in Rishton leading to Lee Lane, Great Harwood.

Cllr Scales said: “The main worry on the photographs that I attached to the motion is that one of the drivers has destroyed a bus stop from going to fast.

“I have actually seen people at that stop and could have been killed if they had been there at that time.

“It was only pure luck that nobody was standing there as they would have almost definitely been killed

“I have been trying to push Lancashire County Council highways to take action on the road.

“I think there is an issue with the signage to keep speed limits as they are but it is a cheap solution that someone could go there with some paint and try to change the 50mph to 30mph.

“Drivers often take the severe bend on the road too fast, and there have been a high number of road traffic accidents, which have almost destroyed the adjacent dry-stone walls.

“One of our schools has had the drystone wall damaged so much that they won’t pay to get it repaired as it would just damaged again and have to pay out again.

“It is also a stretch of road that is used by pedestrians going between Rishton and Great Harwood and what we need is a bit more of an extension of 30mph until after the Wilpshire Road junction.”

Cllr Scales hopes that action can be taken once the chief executive of Hyndburn Council writes to the county council asking for the road to be considered for reduction in the speed limits.

He added: “I have not done this lightly as I have made representation at the regular traffic and highways liaison meetings (which Hyndburn Borough Council officers attend), have referred this issue to LCC councillors (who have also made representation).

“I hope that LCC will take it seriously and do something about it. I know that some people will see a 30mph sign and drive at 50mph while at 50mph they do 70mph.

“I hope that they take action before someone could be killed before anything is done.”