THE Deputy Chief Constable of Lancashire police has warned people to avoid having 'one last blast' this weekend before tighter lockdown restrictions come into force across the county from Tuesday.

During a Lancashire Resilience Forum online press conference on Friday afternoon, DCC Woods was asked an important question in relation to those people who may feel this weekend would be the perfect opportunity to go out on the town with friends before they are no longer allowed to do so.

DCC Woods explained that on Friday morning police held a 'gold meeting' where discussions around increasing resources across the county took place.

He said more police resources would be deployed throughout Lancashire, with an enhanced police presence in towns and cities across the weekend.

He said: "This is not about having one last blast - it's about having a moral responsibility.

"Please don't this weekend it won't help things, it will make things significantly worse."

When asked about university students returning for freshers week, DCC Woods told the conference similar approaches would be adopted, and students and institutions were learning to 'adapt to the restrictions'.

He said: "In relation to the universities, we have been working alongside the unis for some time now preparing for the reintroduction of students.

"I'm really grateful for the work the unis have done.

"They have put a lot of time and effort into the education of students.

"However a lot of these young people are for the first time away from home - and we will use our common sense. It really is a case by case basis.

"But I will not rule out enforcement in relation to students. While you are young people, we will issue you with fixed penalty notices."

Increased police patrols will also be in place in Blackpool among fears that people will start 'flocking' to the seaside resort this weekend

DCC Woods continued: "What we need to do is focus on protecting yourself and your family - going to Blackpool in mass numbers is the opposite of protecting yourselves. Make sensible choices."

Rules coming into place on Tuesday will restrict people from socialising with other households outside of their support bubbles in both residents' homes and private gardens.

There will be table service only in hospitality venues and general advice to avoid public transport unless necessary for essential trips.

Residents in Lancashire have also been told to avoid attending amateur and semi-professional sporting events as spectators.