CELEBRITIES ... you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.
But there’s no question that a cheeky selfie with a celeb is likely to brighten up anyone’s camera roll.
Have you had your picture taken with someone famous? From A-lister or Z-lister, anyone goes.
It doesn’t matter what year it was, all we want to know is whether you were star-struck and brave enough to grab them for a picture.
Email your photograph and a brief description of when and where it was taken to simone.okane@newsquest.co.uk.

Lancashire Telegraph: Louise and Damage
Louise Alemanno and Damage outside Turtle Bay in Blackburn.

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen and Robbie
Helen and Alison Foster with Robbie Savage.

Lancashire Telegraph: Keith Lemon and Simone
Keith Lemon and Simone O'Kane

Lancashire Telegraph: Taelor and Fergie
Taelor O'Kane and Sir Alex Ferguson

Lancashire Telegraph: Janet Sutton 
Janet and Ian Sutton with Keith Chegwin

Lancashire Telegraph: Peter Floyd and Ken Dodd
Peter Floyd and Jimmy Cricket

Lancashire Telegraph: Aziz Ibrahim, Stone Roses 
Jamie Bowman and Aziz Ibrahim, Stone Roses

Lancashire Telegraph: Alish and craig
Craig David and Alishia Goulding

Lancashire Telegraph: Kath Yates and Paddy McGuinness
Kath Yates and Paddy McGuinness.