Car mod groups who have been organising meet-ups during lockdown have been told to stop before they are fined up to £10,000.

Burnley police have issued a warning to petrol head enthusiasts and admins of car mod groups after a discussion about recent legislation linked to the Covid-19 outbreak and rules around social gatherings.

A spokesperson for Burnley police said that even though the advise was national, they wanted to stress to groups within the town that they would be fined if caught attending a meet-up.

The spokesperson said: "To all admins of car mod groups (mainly Burnley but this is national).

"We have been discussing recent legislation about this and to put it simply, if people go to one of these meets they will likely end up with a £100 fine each.

"The organisers will likely each receive a £10,000 fine.

"If you have an event advertised on your page and people go to it then you will probably get a fine.

"Don't gamble with it. It's not worth it. Spread the word.

"If you have any questions get in touch by emailing"

The warning comes a week after car mod groups in Hyndburn were advised they could face similar fines for organising car meets.

Police were made aware of a number of such events in the borough, with a meet on an industrial estate on Newhouse Road in Huncoat on August 31, which was attended by around 150 drivers.

At the time a police spokesperson said: "Make and informed choice, please keep Hyndburn as safe as possible by not attending such events."