TAUHEEDUL Islam Boys’ High School is celebrating the success of a prize winning socially conscious enterprise that has seen more than 100 pre-owed school uniforms upcycled.

The scheme, dubbed ‘Uniformity’, has seen pupils and their parents donate old uniforms which are then professionally dry cleaned before being resold, with all profits going to charities.

Pupils at the ages 11-16 secondary school have even invented a Uniformity app and website which allow parents to donate, exchange and buy upcycled uniforms with just a few taps of a screen.

Principle Majid Ditta said: "Our pupils have worked incredibly hard to implement this project and I am very proud of everything they have achieved so far.

“This project could not have been timed better.

"We have seen first-hand the hardship that vulnerable people in our community are experiencing due to the spread of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown measures.”

As well as teaching children responsibilities and helping them develop their entrepreneurial skills, the scheme has already raised over £1,300 for the Shine Charity which helps to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people.

It has also helped parents access cheaper school uniform in a time when many are facing financial pressures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Ditta said: “Being able to help parents in these difficult times by easing the annual cost of purchasing uniforms has been hugely beneficial to our school community, we are also delighted to be able to help people in our wider community who might be struggling by helping to raise funds for Shine Charity.

“We hope that our enterprise will also benefit the environment by helping to reduce the carbon footprint created by the clothing supply chain.

“Our pupils have shown real ingenuity by developing this idea as a response to recent economic and environmental pressures. They have also shown their ability to adapt and grow their skillset by mastering complex technology to develop the accompanying app and website.

“This venture is already helping to make a positive change in our community and we hope this scheme will be rolled out to other schools in the near future.”

In recognition of their efforts, the pupil's have been presented with The Big Deal’s Sustainability Award at the University of York.

Pupil Adil Ughratdar presented the project to the awards panel and was selected as the Big Deal 2020 Blogger in recognition of his technical skills.

Meanwhile, another of the project's leader, pupil Uzair Patel, has also been shortlisted for the prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship and has reached the final stage of the application.

Uzair used his talent to devise the Uniformity website and continues to work to de-bug and enhance user experience.

Blackburn businessman, chair of school governors and enterprise advisor Mo Isap hailed the pupils' efforts.

He said: “I am immensely proud of our students.

"To develop and launch a social enterprise with an e-commerce platform in just a few weeks whilst working virtually during lockdown is an incredible feat, and one that many businesses would be hard pushed to achieve."

To find out more, go to: uniformity.co/.