CCTV footage has been released showing a man trying car door handles after several thefts from vehicles were reported to the police.

A large number of car break-ins have been recorded in Clitheroe and Chatburn over the last few nights and after receiving images and CCTV footage from residents in the area, police want to make people aware of the methods used by opportunist thieves.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Sergeant Kev Day from the Ribble Valley policing team said his officers on night patrols would be covering as much ground as possible and would be reacting swiftly to any reports of thefts or suspicious circumstances.

He said: "We have had a significant amount of thefts from motor vehicles recorded in the Clitheroe and Chatburn area over the last few nights and we are doing everything that we can to try and identify those involved.

"Many people have helped by providing images from CCTV cameras and ring style doorbells.

"We have been reviewing the footage and looking for images that may provide an opportunity to identify the thieves.

"The night patrols have been tasked with ensuring that they cover as much ground as possible and that they react swiftly to any reports of thefts or suspicious circumstances.

"We are now asking residents to report anything that they aren't happy with.

"We would rather attend and discover that there is no issue than not have the information in the first place and find ourselves with many unhappy car owners."

The footage provided has not been sufficient enough to identify the culprit but Sgt Day said it clearly demonstrates the methods used by these would-be thieves.

Lancashire Telegraph:

He continued: "In short - they go from car to car checking the door handles and when they strike lucky they take what they can.

"The first line of defence here is to ensure that your car is locked.

"We do not believe that any sophisticated equipment is in use to open locked cars.

"There were car windows smashed to get at property that had been left on view which further confirms our belief that these are not technically equipped criminals."

Police are now urging people to check and double check that their property is secure and to not leave anything in view for the thieves to be tempted by.