WITH all the talk about Britain breaking the EU deal and the actions that the EU will take, please remember this on January 1 when the French and Spanish fishing fleets start ignoring our fishing grounds and the EU does nothing.

Yes, we will do the right thing and go to the international court which will take years and the French and Spanish will carry on ignoring us.

This happened with the BSE epidemic and the French stopped British lamb imports in breach of EU law and this went on for years and the EU did nothing to France.

The British are the only ones that will abide by international law, the French, Spanish, Germans, Irish and EU will only abide by the rules if it suits them.

Do not forget BMW, Mercedes and VW have all been massively fined, both internationally and by EU for breaking emission regulations.

Let us try to ban their vehicles from British roads until they can prove that they have cleaned up their act and see what action Germany and the EU take.

It is all one way. The EU gets everything they want and we have to go along with them. If we object, we are the ones in the wrong.

Michael Albin