BLACKBURN and Darwen have found themselves at the forefront of a campaign to save the nation’s theatres ­— supported by Hollywood star Jude Law.

King George’s Hall in Blackburn and Darwen Library Theatre have joined 40 venues around the UK that launched the campaign last week, which aims to raise funds to help theatres devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Actor Jude Law has been keen to boost The Theatres Trust and run campaign.

Lancashire Telegraph:

He said: “Growing up I was fortunate to be taken to theatres regularly and this was where my love of acting first began.

“To this day nothing beats the magic of live performance and the connection between audience and performer.

He added: “But coronavirus has simply devastated our theatre sector.”

Campaigners say that six months on from the start of lockdown, they are still none the wiser as to when theatres will be allowed to reopen and that the bailout provided by the government to the cultural sector has not been adequate.

King George’s Hall programming and marketing manager Rebecca Weaver said: “King George's Hall will be 100 years old next year and it's imperative that we raise enough funds to preserve our beloved historic theatre so that it can be enjoyed by future generations for the next 100 years, and beyond.

“It was created as a public hall to bring communities together and we need to enable it to continue to do so.

“Without your help, King George’s Hall and Darwen Library Theatre risk permanent closure because over 80% of our income comes from trading; ticket sales, bar sales and room hires, all of which has ceased due to the global pandemic.”

Jude, star of films Alfie and The Holiday, added: “Communities across the UK are in real danger of losing their theatres forever and we risk losing a precious part of national culture and heritage. Please do give whatever you can to support this campaign.”

Campaigners are also urging the public to show their support on social media using #SaveOurTheatres. To find out more, visit and