A man being racially abusive, a man threatening violence and a man refusing to wear as mask - these are just some of the incidents town centre police dealt with on Monday.

Officers working in Blackburn were called by town centre security, who reported a man displaying signs of aggression and making racist marks towards staff.

The police located the man in question, made an arrest and as of Monday evening he remained in custody.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Busy day today for the Blackburn town centre neighbourhood team.

"We have attended a report of a male being aggressive and making racist remarks towards town centre security.

"Officers have located this male and he is currently in custody."

Shortly after, police were requested to attend to another man who was making threats of violence towards retail staff.

Following a short chase, the man was located, PAVA sprayed, detained and subsequently arrested.

And as if that hadn't been enough to deal with, officers were called to The Mall to speak with a man who was refusing to wear a mask and had become abusive towards security staff.

The man was handed a £100 fixed penalty notice.

The police spokesperson said: "We were requested again by security about a male who was making threats of violence towards staff from a town retail business and after a foot chase the male was PAVA’d, detained and arrested.

"Lastly, we were informed of a male within The Mall shopping centre who was refusing to wear a face mask after being requested to by security and was becoming abusive.

"This male has now received a £100 fixed penalty notice."