Fire crews had to use a JCB to shift a mound of rubble so they could tackle a blaze which they believe had been burning since Sunday evening.

On Monday morning, crews from Blackburn fire station received calls from concerned residents about a considerable amount of smoke that could be seen rising above Glenfield Business Park.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and found a pile of rubbish was on fire next to a haulage company on Percliff Way.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "The haulage company had been burning off some wood and it had spread to some nearby rubbish.

"We believe the rubbish had been burning since last night and had only broken through to the surface this morning, but it had created quite a bit of smoke in the area.

"To ensure the fire was completely extinguished we were assisted by the driver of a JCB, who helped turn the soil over so we could get right to the bottom of the pile."

Crews were in attendance for around 40 minutes.

There was no damage to any neighbouring buildings or properties and no injuries were reported.