BLACKBURN entrepreneurs with previous successes to their name are planning to patent a new app and device that will allow customers at many retailers to receive receipts digitally.

Shakir Adam, director of NOUMI Digital Receipts and fellow director Shiraz Gadatra, plan for the app to download customers' receipts.

It will then automatically sort them into different categories, for examples groceries, making it easier to store, archive and access again later.

The device, used by retailers, will be attached to electric point of sale systems, uploading receipts directly to customers' apps, eliminating the need for paper copies.

Mr Adam said: “The idea came to me when we were wholesaling thermal receipt rolls, we had planned to actually open our own converting factory here in Blackburn but thought about the future and the environmental issues attached to producing thermal paper. 

“We have seen money becoming paperless and all that really remains are receipts.”

As such, moving to digital receipts is the next stage in the UK’s transition to a largely digital economy that, by removing the need to store and dispose of paper, will be much more environmentally friendly.

Mr Adam said: “Annually, just for the EU, thermal paper use amounts to 15 million trees cut down and nine billion gallons of water and 250 million gallons of oil being used. 

“Not to mention the environmental impact in production with Co2 emissions and also that most receipts end up in landfill sites.”

He added: “BPA and BPR, the chemicals used to coat the thermal sides, are considered toxic to both humans and the environment, this also means thermal receipts cannot be recycled due to cross contamination.”

“These receipts also cost retailers millions of pounds.” 

Moving to digital receipts would help to solve these problems and Mr Adam points out they would also help to minimise the contact between customers and cashiers, an important consideration for the post-coronavirus era. 

Mr Adam is also the driving force behind Designer Fragrances, another Blackburn-based company that markets an innovative range of air fresheners inspired by famous perfumes and scents for cars.

Mr Gadatra, who runs distribution company Spot Promotions in Manchester, also worked on Designers Fragrances and the pair hope that their partnership will be just as effective when it comes to NOUMI Digital Receipts. 

They hope to bring the app and device to market within the next 8 to 10 months. 

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