A PROJECT has been launched in Accrington to find Women who were subject to sexism at work during the 1950's to the 1980's.

Women Work is a scheme which has been launched by History In Action CIC to tell stories of women who were subject to sexism in the workplace.

Mick Martin, writer said: "The women's work is really looking for the historical work that women have done in the town

"We found that actually a lot of women had gone their whole lives without talking about the sexism and outright misogyny that they had had to face in the workplace that had been brushed under the carpet."

"What we do is focussed on lived history and lived experiences that you wouldnt read in a history book. It's not about kings queens or battles its about real working class history."

Trizia Wells and Mick Martin have launched the project and are looking for more women who have a story to tell.

The duo have had some women step forward from previous projects they have ran as well as hearing from people in care homes and at community groups about their lives in the work place.

Funding for the project has been sourced through the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Trizia, Oral Historian for History in Action said: "The lottery funding is allowing us to meet with people in a safe way.

"In normal times, we would be knocking on the doors of care homes, we would be working with memory cafes and reminiscent groups. We would be going into places and working on the ground but we cant do that."

The money has allowed Trizia and Mick to purchase PPE for themselves and the people they speak to so that they can ensure social distancing measures are taking place during interviews.

"It's going to make a huge difference," Trizia continued, "We want people to feel safe and want to come and talk to us.

"After all these months of isolation we are hoping this will be something they want to get involved with."

After the stories have been collected, it is hoped that many memories will be put on the website as well as hopes for an interactive chair being placed in Accrington Museum and a piece of theatre.

The group are inviting people of the town who have a story to tell to visit them at Accrington Market Hall between 10am & 3pm on Saturdays 26th September, 3rd & 10th October 2020.

The project is also looking for people from the community who would like to be part of the play which is set to take place next spring in Accrington Market.