A GROUP of demonstrators took to the streets of Manchester today protesting the innocence of Rocky Marciano Price, the 17-year-old convicted last month of murdering mother-of-two Lindsay Birbeck.

Between 30 and 40 people were marching near the Arndale Centre this morning handing out leaflets and flyers to shoppers.

It is the fourth town or city they've demonstrated in after similar protests in Accrington, Blackburn and Preston last week.

They say they believe that the teenager, who has autism, ADHD and an IQ of 65, was wrongly convicted of the murder and that the real killer remains at large.

There is an online petition supporting the group reads: "Rocky has been wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit.

"There is no evidence linking Rocky to the actual murder - The evidence only shows what he has admitted to being part in.

"This lad needs the justice he deserves and to have his case looked at again by a set of fresh eyes."

However, during the teenager's trial Justice Amanda Yip, said that "we know" he had killed Ms Birbeck after a jury had found him guilty.

During the trial Justice Yip said:""There was no apparent motive, why the defendant killed Lindsay only he knows.

"The evidence leaves me in no doubt that the defendant killed Lindsay.

"Having killed Lindsay, Rocky Price set about concealing her body.

"He went home then returned with a rucksack. He may have had a saw with him."