DARWEN market customers will be able to try a taste of Eastern Europe from today with the opening of a new Hungarian food stall.

Husband-and-wife team Nandor and Agota Nagy have been working hard readying Budapest Lángos and preparing a range of delicious recipes.

The business will be primarily run by Nandor, with wife Agota, who works in customer service, helping when she can.

Mrs Nagy said: “We came to the UK last year from Hungary. Originally we came to Darwen when I worked with Perspex and this will be my ex-journalist husband’s new trade.

“We like this food and in Hungary it’s much more difficult to set up a restaurant, so we decided to try the UK, because its much easier to start a business here.”

The Nagys are hoping to have a sustainable, plastic-free stall and as such all utensils and cutlery will be made from paper.

Caring for the environment is important to the couple, given how much they have come to appreciate the surrounding area.

Mrs Nagy said: “We really like this town, it's really close to Blackburn and even Manchester, but we like how it’s a small town with all its beauty and really close to nature where you can go for walks in the countryside after work, so we really like it here.”

The stall will serve delicacies including lángos, a deep-fried sourdough dish dubbed “Hungarian pizza”, Hungarian pancakes, or palacsinta, with traditional fillings and fresh home-made lemonade.

The lángos will be served with salt and/or garlic, or with sour cream and/or grated cheese, while palacsinta will come with cottage cheese, vanilla sugar and lemon peel.

Mrs Nagy said: “The business is growing so we hope it can become a place where people from Darwen and from further away can meet each other once we’re all able to.”

Customers can follow Budapest Lángos on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DarwenLangos and Instagram.

The stall will be serving up food on Darwen Market from today.