A BAKERY which is an institution in an East Lancashire town is reopening for its 75th anniversary after being closed since March.

The family-run Martins Bakery in Oswaldtwistle, which is famous for its custard tarts and meat pies, has been closed due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Eager customers have been asking regularly on social media about when the Union Road bakery would reopen.

Lyndon Martin, third generation owner of the bakery, said: “It’s been a real hassle to get ready to open things safely so we thought we would do it for the anniversary.

“It’s not just in the shop. The bakery is in the back of the shop and it’s quite a small place so there’s been quite a few things to do to make sure that the staff can work safely.”

Lyndon said the lockdown had been frustrating but they were excited to be back to welcome customers through the door.

“We are expecting to be busy and we are so pleased to be opening again on Monday,” he said. “There will be quite a buzz, certainly to begin with.

“We’ve had loads of people asking us when we are going to reopen all the time as it’s still a very busy shop.”

Many customers are excited for the bakery to reopen to get their much-loved fix of custard tarts and meat pies, which are baked using the same recipe used since the bakers opened as Smiths in 1898.

Lyndon’s grandfather became an apprentice at the bakery when it was Smiths in the 1920s and ended up buying the bakers which has belonged to the family since 1945.

Since then, Lyndon’s father has also run the bakery before passing it down to his son, like his father did before.

One customer said on Facebook: “Me and my dad would go to Martins, I worked there briefly when my children were small. Mum passed away when I worked there and I never went back. A lovely family and delicious food, all of it.”

Another added: “Great news, missed my meat pies and apple pies."