POLICE in Hyndburn were shocked last night when they stopped a driver who had neither a licence nor insurance, only to find a female passenger going into labour.

This came during a shift in which special constables dealt with several traffic offences, with another vehicle seized in a separate incident.

The pregnant woman, however, was delivered safely to hospital by the ambulance service while police dealt with the unlicensed and uninsured driver of her vehicle.

A police spokesperson said: "Hopefully, we are doing what members of the public wish to see happening and will continue to do so in the future.

"We have a great team of officers at Greenbank and we will continue to give our community the support it deserves in the future.

"Thanks for all your support and kind words when you see us out and about."

In the last two days alone five uninsured vehicles have been taken off the road in Hyndburn and Blackburn.