A MAN has appeared before Blackburn magistrates on a stalking charge which includes an allegation he put bleach in his ex-partner's shampoo bottle which she subsequently used to wash her hair.

Blackburn magistrates heard the full charge against Garry Steven Shaw was that he behaved in a way which he knew would have a substantial adverse effect on her usual day-to-day activities causing her alarm and distress.

The charge said on several occasions he entered her home without her consent, moved items, tampered with her shampoo and conditioner by placing bleach in them, removed light bulbs, damaged the front door lock, removed the back door key and told her he was in her house with an axe.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said the victim subsequently found that an axe which had been outside was inside her home.

Shaw, 40, of Percival Street, Accrington, was also charged with three offences of burglary at the aggrieved's home, two with intent to cause damage and one involving the theft of a laptop.

He was sent in custody to Preston Crown Court where he will appear on October 12.