POLICE IN Hyndburn have recorded a shocking number of driving offences while attending sites of public concern over the last weekend, including a young woman arrested for taking her parents car without consent for the second time.

Other offences included an Audi being driven without a licence or insurance having been rebuilt from a previously damaged car with faulty wheels and several speeding drivers, one of whom also turned out to be driving without a licence.

The policing team consisted of officers from the special constabulary based at Greenbank and from Hyndburn neighbourhood policing team, with some officers trained in hand held speed detectors.

A police spokesperson said: “Thanks to all members of the Public who approached us and expressed their enthusiasm for our attendance at this site, it’s appreciated!”

The rebuilt Audi was stopped along the Willows Lane area, and was seized by officers when they discovered its sorry state and the fact it was being driven by a man claiming to be taking it for a test drive before buying it.

Several of the numerous other offending vehicles were also stopped along Willows Lane.

Offenders were also stopped along Burnley Road, Altham including speeding, driving with illegal number plates and driving while in possession of drugs.

The young women who had taken her parents car was stopped in Greenbank while driving with three friends in the car.

The police spokesperson said: “We spotted a vehicle being driven badly, so badly it could not be ignored, and duly followed until the vehicle stopped.

“On speaking to the driver, a young female with three friends in the vehicle, it turned out yet again, she was uninsured and had taken her parents’ car without consent - for the second time in a month!

“The vehicle was seized, and this young lady will now be in court with serious questions to answer.”

Officers will hope crack downs like this will deter would be offenders in future.