A new community test hub has been confirmed in Accrington, but the council are yet to announce where it will be.

The current hub which is based at the own hall will be closing over the weekend to make place for a new test site which is set to open on Monday.

The test centre does not require bookings and you do not need symptoms to attend, a controversial twist after Matt Hancock said earlier that he shortage of UK tests were due to people getting them unnecessarily

When asked whether the test system is failing, Mr Hancock told Sky News: “I completely reject that accusation.

“In fact, quite the contrary. Firstly, we have the biggest testing system per head of population of all the major countries in Europe and we built it essentially from scratch.”

He said that in some high-risk circumstances, such as in care homes, there are tests for asymptomatic people.

“But if you’re otherwise asymptomatic then there is no reason to get a test,” the minister added.

On Tuesday over 250 people were tested at the site which is open from 10am until 2.45pm, Monday to Friday.