A BENEFITS take-up campaign in a borough has so far made 65 households aged 75 and over better off by a total of £223,000 a year.

The elderly residents in Rossendale have also received a further £39,500 in back pay.

Those households missing out on benefits to which they were entitled secured an average £66 extra per week each.

This campaign was organised by Lancashire County Council’s Welfare Rights Service and Rossendale Council.

Borough officials contacted over-75s asked them to apply for a free and confidential benefits check.

Cllr Shaun Turner, Lancashire County Council’s wellbeing boss, said: “This is great news for some of our older residents in Rossendale who have had a welcome boost to their incomes. Staff are still working through the claims, so we may be able to help even more."

Cllr Steve Hughes, Rossendale Council’s finance boss, said: “It is important that all people claim the benefits they are entitled to.”