Eleven Ford Transit vans have been stolen from the Ribble Valley in just two months.

Van owners are now being asked to secure their vehicles after the spate of thefts saw eleven of the vans being taken from either Clitheroe or Longridge over the last eight weeks.

Sergeant Kev Day from the Ribble Valley neighbourhood policing team said his team are working hard to find the culprits but van owners must now do everything they can to deter the thieves.

Sgt Day said: "We have had 11 Transit vans stolen from the Ribble Valley area over the last two months.

"They have been taken almost exclusively from either Clitheroe or Longridge.

"We do have ongoing enquiries and we are working hard to catch the culprits, but if you own a Ford Transit please please do everything that you can to deter thieves."

Sgt Day said additional locks, and making sure vehicles are out of sight or blocked in by other vehicles or heavy items would slow down would-be opportunists.

He added: "Adding a secure post to your driveway, fitting a tracker, or anything else that you can think of that would slow a thief down or stop them altogether.

"We may also stop you if you are driving a Transit and offer advice or better still we will arrest you if you just happen to have stolen it.

"Please accept that our officers are trying to help you and keep your property safe.

"If you are stopped, they won't keep you long."

Anyone with any information or who wants to report any suspicious circumstances can call the police on 101 or report a crime at orlo.uk/7VwVs.