This adorable young cow had to be rescued by firefighters and a tractor after falling into a water pit.

On Monday, fire crews from Nelson and Earby were called to Moss Houses Road in Foulridge.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Reports suggest a member of the public left a gate open in one of the fields, which enabled the herd of cows to go wandering into a neighbouring property.

Despite the pit being well covered, the cow began to walk across it but fell into it when the cover gave way.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A spokesperson for Earby fire station said: "A member of the public had left a gate open enabling the herd to go trespassing.

"The pit was well covered but I’m not sure the homeowners expected the weight of a cow on the cover."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Firefighters from Nelson, Earby and an Urban Search and Rescue team attended the incident at a farm on Moss Houses Road at around 9am on Monday.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "The incident involved a cow that was stuck in a pit approximately 2m by 2m.

"Crews used spreader bars, an animal rescue net and a tractor to rescue the animal.

"Firefighters were in attendance approximately forty five minutes."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Station manager Mick Strickland said the animal rescue had been a success, posting on Twitter: "Successful large animal rescue this morning with Earby fire crews, Nelson fire crews and the USAR team in Foulridge.

"One young cow removed from a water pit and off to join its sisters."