A RESTAURANT manager has spoken of his disgust after two men tried to claim free food by planting pubic hair into meals.

CCTV footage from Jaan’s BBQ Kitchen Restaurant and Grill, Charlotte Street in Blackburn, shows two men with a variety of curries and kebabs in front of them.  One man then appears to put his hands into his shorts twice and ‘sprinkle’ something, which is believed to be hair, onto the food.

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It is then claimed they told the owner they would not be paying for the food due to there being hair in the meals.

Jaan’s BBQ Kitchen opened nine months ago and has been one of the busiest restaurants along Victoria Street, serving a range of curries and kebabs.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, staff at the restaurant said they were ‘disgusted’ and ‘shocked’ that someone would try to cheat them in this way.

The manager at Jaan’s BBQ said: “They came in early on a Thursday afternoon last month. They were one of our first customers as we normally open around 1pm.

“They first asked about the half-price offer which we said was on Wednesday.

“They ordered the Jaan’s Mega Platter which costs £55. I remember thinking at the time this is certainly too big a meal for just two people and I even mentioned this to them.

“They also ordered some drinks and poppadoms.”

The waitress who served them said: “I went up to them and asked them if everything was ‘okay’ and they seemed happy enough and said the food was nice. They asked for more drinks.”

When it came to paying the bill the two men then said there was hair in the food.

The total food bill came to £67 and that included the Jaan’s Mega Platter which consists of three naan breads, chicken biryani, lamb biryani, chicken karahi, lamb karahi, seekh kebabs, chicken kebabs and six pieces of lamb chops. It is enough to feed up to six people, the restaurant staff said.

Lancashire Telegraph:

One man then appears to put his hands into his shorts twice and ‘sprinkle’ something, which is believed to be hair, onto the food.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The manager added: “When it came to paying, they said there was hair in the food. We checked and there was hair on the biryani, kebabs and the naan breads as well. At that point I thought something is a bit strange and checked the CCTV and it showed one man putting his hands under his cap and then into his shorts twice and sprinkling the contents on to the food.

“We argued for eight to 10 minutes and I told them the hair had been planted. Eventually they gave just £20 and left.”

The manager said he was deeply saddened someone would try to cheat the business. He said: “It has not been an easy time for businesses and this was shocking. If we didn’t check the camera that day then there was no way of finding out the truth.

“We have always tried to help with any customer queries and go out of our way to help people. We have got great reviews from people. We run a clean place and things like this are horrible and unfair on hard working folk.”

Police said the incident had been reported to them and was a civil matter.