It's been a busy week for the British Transport Police as they've dealt with a number of concerning incidents on the regions' trains.

On Wednesday, a train driver was forced to make an emergency stop after he spotted an 80-year-old woman walking on the railway tracks close to Burnley Central.

The woman, who has diagnosed dementia, was luckily seen by the driver as she made her way along the tracks in front of the train.

Emergency braking was applied and officers attended before the pensioner was taken home to her relatives.

A spokesperson for the BTP said: "A train driver had to apply emergency braking near Burnley Central Station yesterday.

"An 80-year old female, with diagnosed dementia, was walking down the track in front of his train.

"Our officers attended, she was taken home to relatives, and a safeguarding report submitted."

Elsewhere, on Tuesday night, a train guard was assaulted at Chorley station.

Officers from the BTP said that as his train was pulling into Chorley, the guard went to wake a sleeping man who became aggressive after realising he'd missed his stop.

He then proceeded to punch the guard several times before running off down the tracks.

The spokesperson added: "As his train approached the station he awoke a sleeping man.

"The male became angry on realising he’d missed his stop, and punched the guard repeatedly, before running off down the track.

"Enquiries are ongoing."

The spokesperson also said officers had been called to a concern for welfare incident in East Lancashire earlier in the week, where a person experiencing a mental health crisis was found.

Luckily the person was spoken to and then taken to a place of safety.