A BARNOLDSWICK mum-of-two has shared how an innovative dieting plan helped her to lose three stone in time for her son’s wedding.

Teaching assistant Sue Brathwaite, 53, was introduced by a friend to MyWW, a dieting plan devised by Weight Watchers that participants can access via an app that helps them keep track of their dietary choices.

Ms Braithwaite had become concerned about her weight since last summer and was eager to give the scheme a go.

She said: “Last summer it struck me how much weight I'd gained when I was driving, I could feel my belly overhanging and resting on the top of my legs, plus saw a photo of myself in a red top and thought I looked like a big sausage!

“I'd never felt this before and didn't like it.

“I had my son’s wedding coming up the in August 2020, and knew I wanted to lose some weight before then, but never really done dieting as such, I don't like feeling hungry!”

With the help of the Weight Watchers plan, however Ms Braithwaite was able to use digital technology to not only monitor her eating habits, but also to scan the nutritional value of foods while shopping and also access a range of online healthy recipes.

Ms Braithwaite said: “The app is brilliant, you can shop, scan and decide if it’s worth the points, you have weekly point that mean you can use if needed.

“Having all the recipes there too is ace when your shopping, you can decide what you’re having for your tea, shop getting all the items and know exactly what points it will be."

On joining her local Weight Watchers workshop Ms Braithwaite weighed 13st 2lbs and was met with a warm welcome from coach Carol Wynn.

Now, thanks to following her app-assisted plan, she feels transformed.

Ms Braithwaite said: “In April, I finally hit my goal weight of 10st 7lbs. My son’s wedding isn't till the end of August - fingers crossed it goes ahead - so I'm on maintaining my weight now.

“I'm feeling much better, I've been out and bought lots of new summer clothes, I'm a size 10!”

To find out more, visit: www.ww.com/uk.